the craziest news ever

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Craziness is a gift!

Yo! my name is Olivia. i created this website to tell people the newest new news. and i gotta make it funny! so if your looking for somethin' funny. your at the right newstand!

bye from Olivia :)

yo people!!!!!!!!

dear peoples of the earth

this is not a website just for girls. and it is NOT girly! 


i will be updating my website about every 2 days. so come often! and dont forget to tell your friends about this. and it will say on my home page if i can't be updating for a while. check it out!

bye from Olivia :) 

i heart pigs!!!!!!!!!!

i lllllluuuuuuuvvvvvvvv pigs so much! pigs rock! But i wish i could have a pet one. but thats hoo! i wish instead of parents coming home saying "look we got you a puppy," they said " look we got you a pig." i mean, i do love dogs, but i like pigs much better. 

Behind the Scenes of the crazy news

I have this pencil that is made out of a tree, and it is really really really really really cool. the only problem is that it's thick, so i can't find anything to sharpen it with! i've looked everywhere but the pencil is just to big!

bye from Olivia