oh no i broke the news! BREAKING NEWS

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stuff thats CRAZY

it was a very tragic time when Johnny became allergic to himself.



there is a new illness going around called annoyitosis. it makes people extremely annoying. and if the person was already annoying, they will be 18 times as annoying! this is a very sad(funny)illness. for example: annoyitosis can make some one sing your least favorite song 153 times! please, try to avoid it!!!!!!!!!!!

poor apple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Lemonshemon ate an innocent apple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just look at the picture below. it didn't do anything to her! and she didn't even offer to pay for the funeral! in fact, it didn't have a funeral. if you know anyone who did something like this, call an ambulance immediately for the apple.

its just wrong!

why is there a such thing as money? i mean why can't people just get things for free. when columbus discovered money, he didn't have to show it to queen Isabelle so everybody had to use it. somethings are just wrong!

the new food chain

i heard that the new restaurant is called food chain. for example, they will give you cat that ate a mouse that ate stinky cheese. uhhhhhhhhh creative right?


vote now for the president of towel island. and get a free towel when you do. votes must be in by yesterday. i wonder who will win!

no hair but raisins and goats

a lot of people have hair right. well why. i mean why cant we have goats or raisins on our heads or our armpits or our eyebrows. i say its time to make a change!